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Our Mission

The Patriot Parachute Team is a Veteran owned and operated company. As Veterans we have signed on the dotted line to serve and protect our country. On the PPT, we continue to serve by performing exciting shows around the nation to inspire our next generation of patriots, and raise awareness for Veteran causes to include transitioning  after active duty. 

The PPT continues to maintain great relationships with active duty servicemembers, as well as Veterans. Often times, we are working hand in hand to facilitate positive exposure to military assets around the country. The PPT is cleared to operate out of military aircraft from the United States Air Force, United States Navy, and the United Sates Marine Corps. 


A unique aspect of every PPT performance is our ability to interact with the crowd after we land. Unlike other types of performances, the PPT will land after a performance, drop their gear and start handing out the high fives!